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Wisdom: No justice in I-70 trucker death

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Great addition, but …

(Refer to “Eagle Healthcare Center opens Monday”)

This is a fabulous addition to the Eagle area, however, their numerous lights are on all night long and are downright glaring! It is taking away the “night sky” in Eagle, breaking a light ordinance for sure and is a real waste of energy.


Where’s the justice?

(Refer to “Charges filed in trucker’s Vail I-70 death”)

Shame on our district attorney for prosecuting a “snowball assault” case in Summit, but letting this negligent homicide go by with a misdemeanor! I guess one woman’s hurt feelings are worth more to the district attorney than a dead truck driver.

It would be great if the Vail Daily would get some answers as to why this is a minor traffic offense and not a negligent homicide.

Shame on the Colorado State Patrol for not doing more to control the reckless drivers on I-70.


Why pays for this?

(Refer to “Whites now minority in local public schools”)

The notion of automatically becoming a citizen of this country just because you were born here is outdated and corrupt.

If you are not a citizen, chances are that you are also not a taxpayer, and if you are not a taxpayer, you should not be receiving the benefits afforded to those of us that are.


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