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Wisdom: No lynx in Colorado? Big surprise

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Cost of Eaton Ranch

(Refer to “Local goal: 500 affordable homes a year.”)

In the case of the old gravel pit called Eaton Ranch, the county commissioners were urged by two powerful county stakeholders ” the Homestead neighborhood in Edwards and the Vail Valley Foundation ” to drain almost two year’s worth of open space tax collections for the purchase. That $12 million deal ” half of which was funded with our tax money ” took 72 acres of land prime for affordable housing development off the table.

Neither of these two groups could be considered liberal greenies, rather NIMBYs who support affordable housing, as long as they do not have to look at it.


Look out for cyclists

(Refer to “Cyclists, share the road” in Wisdom from the Web.)

Dear Karen, while I agree with you about the tandem issue, the rule is to share the road. I generally ride alone or with my husband (and we ride single file) and yet I often come close to getting run over. It is not always possible to ride on the right side of the line and therefore you will just have to drive behind me and others and wait to pass us when it’s safe.

I am amazed at how many drivers ” with bike racks on their cars ” don’t know how to respect the lives of the bikers on the road.


No lynx surprise

(Refer to “No lynx kittens found in Colorado.”)

What! No lynx? Maybe the Earth Liberation Front will burn the whole state down to draw attention to the problem. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any woolly mammoths in a while either.


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