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Wisdom: No more Bush bashing

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Get rid of him

It is about time someone did something about Arn and his self-serving politics. Kudos to Mike Reid, Susie Wendt and Tom Chastain. The only pity is that the timeframe to gather signatures (count on one from me)i s too short to get it on the November ballot, hence requiring a special election costing $$$$, a la Menconi and his home rule fiasco.

billy j

Enough Bush bash

You have an opportunity to discuss anything you want and you continually waste it. Why not try and educate people on an important issue? I will pick a few topic for you, since you won’t do it yourself.

Discuss the pros and cons of federally backed stem cell research. Economic impact of illegal labor. The Urban Land Institute’s report starts with the position that Eagle County growth must continue. Does it? Try to answer some questions, talk about important things, instead of just repeating the same opinions over and over.


Illegal immigrants

According to deputies I spoke to, at least 25 percent of the inmates in the Eagle County jail at any one time are illegal aliens. It would seem that if the county enforced the laws on hiring illegals and required renters to show proof of legal residency, crime could be cut by 25 percent.

Nemo 1934

Walls do work

To the commentor, Huskies, who asks “Do walls really work?”:

1) Hadrian’s Wall, built to keep people out, was very successful, “Hadrian reduced Roman military presence in the territory of the Brigantes. Hadrian’s Wall in Great Britain, and the Danube and Rhine borders were strengthened ” the latter specifically improving local area security.” 2) Great Wall of China was successful, in fact, “towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall helped defend the empire against the Manchu invasions that began around 1600.” 3) Berlin Wall “built to trap people inside!


School founder arrested

For those who were close to the family, they know what a terrible thing this was for his wife and three daughters to go through. If you know them don’t harass them. They are going through enough as it is.


Eagle open space deal fails

Glad we got the Bair Ranch property instead of this parcel. Er, wait a minute . . .


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