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Wisdom: No to property tax increases

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

County not a business

(Refer to “Case for a property-tax increase”)

This commentary proves the commissioners do not understand that government is not a business. Not one of them understands the role of government, and as a result they repeatedly exceed their authority and meddle in matters beyond the scope of their duties. Government produces nothing; its only revenues come from taxes, taxes, and more taxes. Any interest earned was again from taxes ” tax revenues in excess of annual budgetary requirements …

Eagle County is NOT “a multifaceted business conglomerate”!


Speak with your vote

(Refer to “Case for a property-tax increase”)

I completely agree with Overthruster, but isn’t it time to stop pointing fingers and start looking for alternatives to the current slate of commissioners? In case conservatives (and sane Democrats) have forgotten, 2008 is an election year. Two seats are up for grabs on the Board of County Commissioners. Instead of wasting time and money on recall petitions, we should be rounding up worthy candidates.

On the other hand, who in their right mind wants to put up with being an elected official these days?


What are they thinking?

(Refer to “Case for a property-tax increase”)

The triumvirate of county commissioners has spoken. What happened to balanced government? Where is the debate?

Do any of these commissioners have his or her own opinion on anything? The Stepford Wives have taken over their brains. Call a doctor.


What are they thinking?

(Refer to “Case for a property-tax increase”)

My hope is that the manner in which the commissioners handle our excess property tax revenue, plus their lack of understanding of the role of government, will elevate the level of public discussion in the upcoming election. Regardless of party affiliation, or lack thereof.

If we voters stick to the issues and the facts, don’t resort to name-calling and innuendo, and force the candidates to do the same, then I believe we’ll wind up with a better Board of County Commissioners.


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