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Wisdom: No to toxic waste in Minturn

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Flood of Minturn voters back Ginn’s ski resort”

I encourage everyone to write the Environmental Protection Agency and tell them we do not want them stirring up the toxins in the superfund site. Bobby will have to put his 195-foot ICON building at the top of the mountain where it belongs. There is no reason to dig up all that toxic waste just to create another dump site within the town of Minturn. Keep Minturn safe “just say no to toxic waste.

Liz HC

Re: “Flood of Minturn voters back Ginn’s ski resort”

What a shame. Overwhelming numbers of “newbies” waiting to pluck money from this project outnumbered real Minturnites, who wanted only to keep their town from looking like every other rich man’s paradise in this valley. I’m truly sorry for you, Minturn, especially those over 60 who have lived their whole lives there that will see it morph into Disneyland for the rich. I’m also sorry for the entire valley that will feel the effects of this mega-development.

I guess the fear tactic worked, but the truth is, this monster never would have been approved as is by the county.

Good luck Minturn, and you better watch them every step of the way.


Re: “Avon postal worker showed off genitals, D.A. says”

I’ve known Randy for over 30 years and I can assure you that the district attorney has been totally mislead by this woman. She has tried this with other men at the Avon post office, but this is the first time that she found a DA gullible enough to believe her!


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