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Wisdom: Open Eagle County bike path

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Put down the phone(Refer to Hits & Misses)Miss to the legislators who dont make it illegal to talk on the cellphone and drive. Of course, the police dont enforce speed limits, so why would they enforce cellphone laws? Miss to the snowboarder (young girl) who was talking on the cellphone while riding fast down Gold Dust in heavy traffic about 11:35 today. How selfish can you be to think your call is more important that the safety of others around you? Miss to Vail Resorts for not clamping down on this behavior! Dont let the release of liability you have release you from good corporate sense.PiccolinoDowd Junction path(Refer to Vail cyclists want path open for winter) I have a hard time believing that pedestrians or cyclists are more disruptive to wildlife than say a convoy of 18 wheelers laying on the air brakes when they realize theyre moving too fast through Dowd Junction. What about the impact of vehicular emissions? Lets do the right thing and make it easier for those who desire to commute on foot or bike.Powder Animal Shop local for liquor(Refer to the Daily Editorial Sell on Sundays)What Wal-Mart do you shop at? It is hardly a good experience here in Avon (or anywhere) and we prefer to give our friends and neighborhood ma and pa stores the business. Why dont you? eagleliteIts all just posturing(Refer to Priuses save $45,000, Eagle County says)Nevermind that the $45,000 saved doesnt justify the premium paid for these cars to begin with! Maybe we should focus on the low-hanging fruit and stop heating the streets in Vail and Beaver Creek first before we worry about our carbon footprint in the form of hybrid vehicles (whose long-term viability/maintenance record is totally uncertain). But oops, I forgot, we dont really care about environmentalism, we just care about looking like we care about environmentalism.RepetanceNeed better parking(Refer to Vail picks spot for ski company housing)There is a presumption by Vail Resorts that the employees of Vail Mountain must get used to living in a more urbanized, city-like environment where one cannot park near their workplace and must use public transit to commute. We live more than a mile above sea level in an area bordered by wilderness. It snows a lot here. The bus system is unreliable due to weather and other factors and is in no way like public transit system in a city. Many people live more than a mile from the nearest bus stop and there are no viable park-and-ride lots in the major metro areas. Add to this that most people work two jobs, often in different towns, and you have a recipe for failure. If the cost of living does not deplete the Vail workforce, taking away the conveniences that make it a bit easier surely will. Promising them on paper does not cut it. The rabbit eventually starves if it chases the carrot too long.randomnature

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