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Wisdom: Open Vail Golf Course, too

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Frivolous lawsuit

(Refer to “Australian going to trial for snowball throw”)

Jail overcrowding and swamped dockets are putting repeat offenders back on the street and THIS is what Hulbert decides is a case worthy of prosecution? Drop this case and let her sue in civil court. Hulbert should get on with protecting us from truly dangerous offenders.


Time to pay more

(Refer to “County’s workforce pinch hurts”)

The potential employee supply is very low, and the demand is very high … It is time for not only Vail Resorts to raise wages, but for the rest of the area employers to start offering benefits like health and so on, which can be written off as an expense. If this year turns out to be a low snow year and if our service falls to new lows causing our ski resorts rating to fall even more … well, probably our real estate values will start to fall next summer.

long timer

Open golf course, too

(Refer to the Wisdom from the Web, “Dowd Junction path”)

Let’s do re-open Dowd Junction to walkers and bikers. While we’re at it, let’s also re-open the recreation area east of the Vail Golf Course, which has been hijacked and turned into a patrolled “fee area” for the exclusive use of paying Nordic Center customers. How someone can hijack a public recreation area paid for by taxpayer money and restrict access and charge money for it is beyond me.

As a Vail homeowner, business owner, and taxpayer, I feel more than a little mad about this. I don’t pay taxes to have the Vail Rec District take away my right to walk or snowshoe or use the land I helped pay for. What’s going on here?


Open space questions

(Refer to the letter “Open space success”)

A few questions for Lisa de Graaf: Why are we paying two to three times the appraised value for the Gates Ranch? Why did we pay more than $54,000 per acre for the Grange Ranch parcel in Basalt (the one with the sewage treatment plant in the middle) while Pitkin County paid $14,000 per acre for their portion with no turd mill? Why did we pay $2 million toward Bair Ranch, one-third of which is in Eagle County, while Garfield County paid $25,000 to protect their two-thirds of the ranch?

Separately, how do I go about getting to that great fishing access on the south side of the river? … In all seriousness, I don’t see how you can claim to be executing the will of the people. By your own admission, public access is last on the priorities list.

Perhaps a rewrite of the statute is in order.

The Radical Moderate

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