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Wisdom: Race editorial prompts debate

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Racist comments

(Refer to “Racism revealed.”)

I was so appalled by the comments, that I almost heaved. I did shed a tear or two that there are at least a few hateful people who reside in our county. They just don’t wear the white robes these days.


I’m not a racist

(Refer to “Racism revealed.”)

I am one of those whose posts you deleted. I made comments about not being sorry for the Madrids. I made clear my disdain for their language and culture. Culture. Where in there was there anything about race? You made that up to try to make us look bad and stifle our debate.

We all know plenty of Chicanos that we have no problems with because they’re Americans who speak English.


I was the jerk

(Refer to “Racism revealed.”)

So, what about those Chicanos and Latinos who consider themselves Americans and speak English and may have even enlisted in the armed forces to protect your 100-percent American rear end, but retain their Latino heritage and culture that you disdain? Are they OK in your book, too, NeoLibCon? You got a problem with that? Is it all right with you if some of us nonwhite Americans identify culturally as something other than pasty suburban WASPs?


It goes both ways

(Refer to “Racism revealed.”)

The streak of racism in this exists, but not only from taxpaying U.S. citizens who no longer do menial tasks.

I consider it racist when someone moves to our country illegally with no intention of assimilation but to send every nickel possible back home, rip off the health system, the school system, and tear at the very social fabric of a society that is basically all descended from immigrants.


Menconi and speeding

(Refer to “Menconi: I will not speed again.”)

In the words of Van Halen: I can’t drive 55 (either, Arn).


Keep the speed limit

(Refer to “Menconi: I will not speed again.”)

There is no need to lower the speed limit on I-70, and I am sure that Arn was just moving along with traffic when he was pulled over. Slower speed will not be safer, it will be more dangerous, because it will cause bunching. As for Highway 6, please build shoulders and all will be fine. It is the major road in our county and it is taken care of as though fewer than a 1,000 people live here. It hasn’t been upgraded even though our population is soaring here.


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