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Wisdom: Raise wages, fix worker shortage

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Deal doesn’t work

(Refer to to the Wisdom from the Web titled “Open-space funds.”)

“Way of life” being preserved? Hogwash! Just because somebody runs a business like a John Wayne movie does not make them eligible for public handouts. This affirmative action for Bud Gates’ sons to continue running a business should not be the taxpayer’s burden. Sell some of the land to a developer, Mr. Gates, and preserve the rest on your own. We need more land that can be developed in the county, not less!


Raise wages or leave

(Refer to “Where will High Country workers live?”)

Having trouble filling positions? Raise wages. Can’t raise wages and keep operating? Then close up your shop. Welcome to free-market capitalism.

In this bizarre upside-down place, instead, employees say “keep our wages down, but subsidize our housing costs.” And short-sighted businesses say, thank you, may I have another? Why is it our obligation to subsidize the labor expenses of businesses? Absolutely bizarre.


What’s illegal

(Refer to the blog, “Words and their meanings” on http://www.vaildaily.com/blog.)

I just read Ms. Lich’s latest commentary in the blog section, and have discovered that if any wife, girlfriend, friend, employer, landlord, or government employee even suspects a person they are helping in any way is illegal, they are breaking federal law themselves.

That means all the Medicaid, Bright Start, etc., or any assistance, public or private, to illegals, is illegal.


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