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Wisdom: Should Libby have been pardoned?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Immigration bill

This issue is not about race, culture or anything other than obeying the law! Senate Bill 1639 was defeated last Thursday and there will be no amnesty for illegals. If Americans have to obey the law why shouldn’t everyone else?


Can’t compare pardons

Bill Clinton was never punished at all for the same offense as Libby. This editorial board has a selective memory. If it was good enough for Clinton, it is good enough for Libby.


You’re wrong, zuzu

Was Clinton involved in a cover-up that brought your country into an illegal war? No. Whatever you may feel about Bill, nothing he did compares to what these animals in power are doing at the moment. In years to come, Americans will look back on this administration and feel mighty foolish to have so much wool pulled over their eyes …


Bush’s abuses

The 2004 election again showed us, thanks to the Diebolders guided by the Rovers, that exit polling no longer meant anything after it had for decades prior …

We’ve gone from our first George W. (Washington), who was a hero, to the latest George W, who is a zero, and a full-blooded American traitor.


Menconi fights for kids

Mr. Menconi is fighting for children who do not have a voice and may not have as great of an opportunity otherwise. It is sad that the people fighting over tax pennies are the people who can afford to pay them.

I am a 27-year-old professional (college graduate) in this valley who grosses $37,000 a year and do not plan on having children. Did I vote for this to pass? Yes. Do I gross much less than most of the people fighting this? Yes. Eagle County residents re-elected Mr. Menconi on this very platform.


Mazzuca’s plan for Iran

After reading this article, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Butch Mazzuca doesn’t know jack about Iran and its people. If he knew anything, he would know that Iran, by the most paranoid of accounts, is at least three years away from developing anything similar to a nuclear weapon …


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