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Wisdom: Should lost hiker be billed?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No loss of freedom

(Refer to “Aspen channel bans Holocaust-denial film”)

I don’t understand why loss of freedom is a discussion here. The TV station is free to show what they want. The ignorant one is free to go somewhere else with his movie. It is all freedom.

I have two movies I made I would like to air in Aspen. One shows that blacks really wanted to be slaves, and that guys who don’t snowboard are all homosexuals. There is proof and the world will see it …(I made that up but you can see ignorance is ignorance and the TV stations have the freedom to show you what they want.)

Charter school is ‘unfair’

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(Refer to “Charter school is part of district”)

The whole charter school concept is unfair to begin with and now money will be coming from the school district’s annual general fund to add insult to injury? This type of school is essentially a private school as not every student who wants to attend is admitted due to small class sizes. Once a lucky student is admitted their family gets additional favoritism in the form of priority admittance for siblings! This policy is ridiculous and unfair to other children from new families.


Don’t care about Aspen

No one in Vail cares about Aspen, except apparently the staff of the Daily. Stop printing stories about crap that is happening in Aspen, or stories comparing Aspen to Vail!

Eric Nordstrom

Holy Cross hiker ‘careless’

(Refer to ‘Family prayed for Holy Cross hiker”)

This idiot is lucky to be alive and you should be pointing this out in your article. Anyone hiking in the Rockies in jeans and sneakers is ignorant and careless, and anyone doing it in October or later is an absolute moron … I hope he gets a nice big bill for the rescue.


Bill the lost hiker

(Refer to ‘Family prayed for Holy Cross hiker”)

Completely unprepared! He went with inadequate clothing, food, navigation equipment, and experience. A GPS unit and a little knowledge are of critical importance. If not for a lighter for cigarettes, there’d have been no survival equipment at all. The state/county/search and rescue must levy heavy rescue costs plus fines on guys like this and then be diligent in collection.


Hiker is a ‘survivor’

You people who ridicule are so rude and should be ashamed of yourselves. He is a true survivor. That is all.


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