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Wisdom: Ski East Vail at your own risk

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No more tax hikes

Re: “Who gets Eagle Co. property taxes?”

I was a lifelong, career teacher in Eagle County, now retired and living on a pension with a small annual cost of living increase. My property taxes went up 40 percent and will consume fully two-thirds of this increase. This us unjust, unreasonable and unacceptable for those of us on a fixed income who are trying to remain in our homes in Eagle County. Since our elected officials have clearly betrayed our trust, we must not only vote them out of office in November but also begin a campaign to re-Bruce every Eagle County taxing entity.


Ski East Vail at your own risk

Re: “Who gets Eagle Co. property taxes?”

Regardless of the warnings and despite all the deaths some people still feel a need to tempt fate. Wearing their body locators they march one by one up and over to the East Vail Chutes. On Saturday, a slide in the K-chute, west aspect, facing Copper Mountain just two miles from the East Vail Chutes, illustrates the continued deep-slab concerns of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. A party of two found no collapsing and well-adhered layers. They commented that the “snow looked good.” The first skier dropped into the windblown entrance and then broke two small slabs close to trees that sloughed out quickly. As the second skier entered the chute, the entire top of the chute collapsed and ran about (??) of the path down to the ground. Fortunately, the skier was able to escape the slide by traversing out the side.

So before you hike out to ski the East Vail Chutes please make sure that your estate planing paperwork is in order.


So sick of dogs

Re: “Pooches have a place on Colorado trails”

Can we ever go anywhere with a dog being there, especially pit bulls, etc.?

I am so sick and tired of seeing people driving around with a dog on their lap. (I) have seen one lady with a dog on her lap and a cell phone to her ear. And of course when you do go hiking there are also the numerous dog fights, with their idiotic owners saying “heel.”

long timer

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