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Wisdom: Stick workers in high-rise dorms

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Friends let her down

(Refer to “Cops: Naked girl took acid”)

Sad to read stuff like this … Where were her friends?! Hope nothing bad happened to her!


Disturbing incident

(Refer to “Cops: Naked girl took acid”)

I saw this incident and found it pretty disturbing. It makes me think twice about having children.

Like others said, where were her friends? Sad that she was by herself. Unfortunate altogether.


Charter school funding

(Refer to “Charter Academy not elitist, leaders say”)

It seems we are missing the point here. This is not about whether the charter school needs (or should have) a new building, it’s about how the school board can fulfill the request for $2.5 million with a budget that doesn’t meet the needs of most of the 14 public schools in the district. This is about fiscal responsibility!


New history, old history

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled “Argument stands”)

Michael, your grip on historiography is tenuous and rests on unproven assumptions. Historical interpretation is not static and unchanging, but rather flexible and changes continuously as newer evidence is uncovered and interpreted. The history written during the 1950s is often referred to as “consensus” history, as historians emphasized historical continuity over discord, reflecting the culture of the 1950s. While the 1960s did give rise to the New Left historians, there’s no reason to assume that the history of the consensus historians was somehow more accurate than the history of the New Left historians or historians of today as you charge. Your underlying assumptions are showing.


Doesn’t apply to me

(Refer to “Whites now minority in local public schools”)

Most immigrants, including myself, have paid our taxes for many years before becoming citizens. In the last 17 years before becoming a citizen I have paid over $350,000 in taxes … how much did you pay? All permanent residents working in the U.S. pay taxes just like the citizens … Your immigrant stereotypes are very far from the truth. Some of us are very well educated with more than one master’s degree and speak multiple languages fluently.

Mr. President

Employee dorms?

(Refer to “VR’s Timber Ridge plan not winning fans”)

Let’s get it over with and build a world-class employee high-rise dorm with three levels of parking underground, a gym, pool, and common areas. Nevermind character, we need attractive places for kids to live so they can live the dream (and work at Two Elk).


Bigger problems than that

(Refer to “One mouse and $10M later”)

Ten million for a mouse seems like a bargain to me when you look at the eventual cost of the Iraq war, about a TRILLION dollars.

For the next article, why don’t you go after the BIG fish and write about that, instead of talking about a measly $10 million mouse.

The cost of “spreadin’ freedom” is a better story, if you REALLY want to talk about frivolous expensive things that will eventually bankrupt our nation.


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