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Wisdom: Stop Eagle Co. speeders

Compiled by Vail Daily staffVail CO, Colorado

Cold Town USARe: Towns fight over nation’s ‘icebox’ titleI watch the weather reports. Gunnison should throw their hat in the ring cause theyre colder than both.mikeard22 Ticket the speedersRe: Hits & MissesAnd once again a miss to Colorado State Patrol for not enforcing speed limits on I-70. Bad enough when people are speeding in dry conditions, but to see the idiocy on the interstate in adverse winter conditions is mind-boggling. People who dont care about their lives is one thing, but to use your automobile and 18-wheeler as a weapon is another. SLOW DOWN! All youre rushing to is your own death.PiccolinoGifted kids need moreRe: Schools aim to challenge Eagle Co.’s brightestGood for the district in recognizing and admitting the gifted population has not been given an appropriate education. The one day a week pull-out is a Band-Aid on the situation. Gifted kids need rigorous compacting of the curriculum not a on- day camp of fun activities.anonymous123Who gets my voteRe: The speech I want to hearI want to hear I uphold the U.S. Constitution and will 100 percent protect the Bill of Rights even if it means repealing any eminent domain seizure, repealing any taxes against people like smoking in ones own car even if it means arresting deporting any/all illegals, with or without children, who come to any person with any agencys attention, because it is the law in a land under rule of law. That is what I want. To date, Ron Paul is the only one who understands a democratic republic (NOT democracy) process in America.SaveUSAtoday

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