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Wisdom: TAP teacher " get rid of TAP

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Term limits

Recall petition carriers wear shirts that say “Anybody but Menconi.” Who is anybody? I certainly didn’t vote for him …

Let’s just save the taxpayer’s money and wait until Menconi’s term is up in a little more than a year. Then we can choose who the next county commissioner is at the ballot box.


TAP perspective

I am a master teacher at a TAP school in another state. Although I am paid well to head up this program, I have to say that it has been a terrible experience for our school as a whole. We have lost most of our leadership team and our most respected teachers due to the divisiveness of the TAP program.


Is this legal?

If Chris Mech is correct, then the Eagle County Open Space Committee should be recalled, or better yet, immediately fired. Eagle County citizens voted to establish an open space fund to acquire open space in our own county. Even if the language of the ballot was not explicit about this, what moron could rationalize spending Eagle County taxpayers’ money outside of Eagle County? How can this even be legal?


Prove TAP works

Ms. Skjonsby’s comments lauding the TAP program are the same old boilerplate that we’ve heard from the school district for the past six years. It seems to me that after six years, we ought to see some tangible results from TAP, and now is an opportune time to evaluate the program’s success or failure. So, I challenge the district to provide concrete evidence and data that support TAP.


Tax bikes

If you claim to be running errands on your bike or actually commuting to and from work, perhaps you would be willing to pay a licensing fee, be able to provide proof of insurance, and maybe get a bicycle license to prove you know the rules of the road, just like any other vehicle that uses these roads.


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