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Wisdom: The best tests for students

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Speeding’s no big deal

(Refer to “Menconi: I will not speed again.”)

I recall a Judge Jones getting a drunk driving ticket and getting off scot-free. Arn is just a petty law breaker compared to that. What other county officials have been busted?


Broadway boots credit

FYI: Everyone should know that the whole idea of the Boots on Broadway was the “brainchild” of Holli Snyder, general manager of NRC Broadcasting, Inc.


Do tigers deserve more?

(Refer to “Death of the wild side.”)

It seems downright silly to let an entire species go extinct because of the “warm fuzzies” one feels about how they think all tigers should live. I don’t see every child handed the keys to a Mercedes, the latest fashions to wear or even an adequate diet. Were they meant to live that way? Life is not always equal or fair. Animals brought into the commerce arena rarely go extinct. Look at the “protected” ones and see how much closer to extinction they get everyday.

ARnot 4AR

The best tests

(Refer to “St. Clare’s students test well.”)

Every citizen in Eagle County that sends children to public schools needs to understand one thing about the CSAP exam. This is that the state has set the passing level very low. When the school district proudly proclaims we are just about at the state average with our scores they are really saying we did very poorly. … Kudos to St. Clare for having the guts to use a norm-referenced national test to gauge their students’ progress.


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