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Wisdom: The right of way on Vail’s slopes

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Too many getting hurt on the slopes

Re: “Ski collision hurts”

So sorry Fog that you suffered this horrible accident. Unfortunately, you will not be the only one who gets taken down by selfish skiers and riders this season …

I hear several instructors ” on duty ” get taken out of the game at Beaver Creek each season as a result of morons like the guy who hit Fog deciding they need to ski full speed down Spruce Face across Cinch.

Doesn’t matter that the Spruce Face skier has the “right of way.” This is a plain issue of responsibility and courtesy.


Take responsibility for crash

Re: “Ski collision hurts”

It is very sad that Mr. Smith got hurt the other day. But he should take some responsibility for this accident or he will undoubtedly have a repeat occurrence.

Mr. Smith states that he was “ripping big arc on his race skis” Well, the area you describe at the base of south Look Ma and Meadows is not only a very congested area but also a well marked slow ski zone.

If you had been going a more appropriate speed this accident most likely would not have happened.

Next time if you want to rip big arcs make sure the area has no traffic, or else you are the danger…

vail resident

About those big arcs

Re: “Ski collision hurts”

And you can’t “rip big arcs” across the run without cutting somebody else’s line off.


No such thing as that

Re: “Ski collision hurts”

Rfabro, the downhill skier always has the right-of-way.

There is no “cutting someone’s line off..”


When the death penalty is justified

Re: “Time to end the death penalty?”

In the past, it’s true that many innocent people have been wrongly put to death for crimes they didn’t commit, which is state-sponsored barbarism.

However, today we have much better technology with DNA testing, etc.

And I still think that for certain crimes, and where there isn’t a shadow of a doubt of scientific evidence to show that someone is guilty, the death sentence is still appropriate.


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