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Wisdom: To criticize is patriotic

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Both sides unjust

Re: “Avon land may be condemned for fire station”

The Town of Avon has to condemn land because they do not know how to plan nor make good decisions.

Having said that I have no sympathy for J.P.’s plight. It comes as no surprise that karma has caught up with him.


Judge deserves praise

Re: “Vail’s court: Shots of vodka, scales of justice”

Judge Allen is one of the real bright spots in town. He married more of my friends than anyone else. Good guy, nice to see him in the paper.


Critique is American

Re: “U.S. critics can leave”

Criticism of American foreign and domestic policies is an absolutely vital part of our freedom and democracy. It does not necessarily imply disrespect of the nation.

If criticism of unjust policies bothers the author of this letter, I sincerely hope that she is actively doing all that she can to change those policies instead of merely insisting that the rest of the world pipe down about them.


Regime change?

Re: “Vail councilman launches county bid”

(Mark) Gordon’s announcement to challenge (Peter) Runyon for the Democratic nomination is yet another indication that the current regime’s agenda is being challenged by the public.

Argh Spumoni, Dieter Funion, and Farrah Squisher, you still have eight months to mend your ways.

Dieter made the statement that he hopes to reinstate trust in the commissioners after the next election, in his recent editorial. How about right now?

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