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Wisdom: Truckers need a safe area on Vail Pass

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Wrong priorities

(Refer to “Outcry stalls charter school money”)

No “state-of-the-art” football field at the new school causes parental outcry. Charter school gets a few dollars out of a huge district budget (and) causes parental outcry. Student test results show that the district is failing our children … nothing. Not one parental peep. Parents, where are your priorities?


District control

(Refer to “Charter school is part of district”)

Sarah is right on one fact here and that is Eagle County Charter Academy is a part of the district. The charter (contract) is between the district and the school. So with that in mind the district needs to take control, and stop giving the school the options to either take it or not. If the district thinks that the best thing for all the schools in the district is for the charter school to take Battle Mountain and 40 or 50 kids from other schools, then the district needs to get a back bone and make it happen or cancel their contract.

honey pie

Scary I-70

(Refer to “Trucker killed while changing snow chains”)

It’s certainly scary trying to merge onto the interstate heading west with truckers taking their chains off in the on-ramp, and traffic flying down Vail Pass. A safe area for truckers to remove their chains absolutely needs to be constructed in this area.


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