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Wisdom: Vail deserves a truck stop

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

When working hard doesn’t work

Re: “Gotta work hard to live in Vail”

I agree it takes hard work and thrifty spending to live here in this valley. But what do you do when several of your friends who are registered nurses here at the local hospital are leaving after this season because they can’t afford it?

It seems like eventually many people like that will need employee housing and some help to live here …

In that case I guess the single RN friends moving away weren’t really in need anyways. That’s funny, last I checked we have a nurse shortage in the country as a whole. Not to mention no one ever gets hurt in a ski town. What do you do then?


Vail deserves a truck stop

Re: “I-70 plan surprises some in East Vail”

I hope that a Love’s Truck Stop opens in Vail. A truck stop in the snobby Town of Vail. This seems appropriate.

Vail Skier

Don’t want truck exhaust

Re: “I-70 plan surprises some in East Vail”

Remember the last time trucks were chaining up in front of residential in the East Vail/golf course area? I recall major damage to homes and lots of health issues. Diesel exhaust is brutal!

I hope the East Vail folks will insist on a barrier simply to ensure that the exhaust does not damage their families and homes. I know that I gag when I sit by a semi or diesel pickup up simply along the traffic lights in the valley. Good luck, East Vail folks.

And by the way, I am not what the above person described as a “Vail snob.” I live in a trailer park, but at least I don’t have to inhale exhaust next to my home.


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