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Wisdom: Vail fountain’s a dud

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

What about workers?

Building affordable homes makes sense ” when it is in the right place. Building more commercial anywhere in this county when there is no employee base here is ridiculous.

There is a serious worker shortage and no one is addressing that before approving more commercial. Riverwalk has vacancies for the first time in years. And the traffic in Edwards and countywide is analagous to a major city. Wake up developers!


Keep it the same

(Refer to “Fountain costs overflow in Vail Village”.)

What was wrong with the old (Seibert Circle)? Let’s move the ski trooper monument and call it good.


Vail fountain costs

(Refer to “Fountain costs overflow in Vail Village”.)

If this fountain proves anything, it’s that it’s easy to spend other people’s money. Highly unlikely that any of the Town of Vail council members would pay $1.5 million for a fountain like this if the bill ends up on their doorstep.

The sad reality is that what is there is fine, and Seibert Circle needs nothing.

Especially when it’s a fountain like you’d find in Vegas. Tacky. . .

Enough with the debate

(Refer to the letter to the editor titled, “Bond/McCoy fire station”.)

Why don’t all of you just give it up? Bond/McCoy is already the laughing stock of Eagle County. It’s no wonder why nothing succeeds in our community.

I’m sick of reading these articles defending and slamming each other. Vail Daily please stop giving these ogres a voice!


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