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Wisdom: Vail has lots of money

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail has lots of money

Re: “Vail knocks a few dollars off taxes”

Any town that has 1.7 million to waste on replacing a perfectly good plaza that was enjoyed by many is flush with something?? The new “fountain” is a waste of our money and should have been spent on employee housing!


Prius may be worth it

Re: “Savings aren’t the story”

Buying a Prius is not saying that they are the answer to all of our pollution problems. It is a vote with dollars towards further research and development of hybrid high mileage vehicles. Is this a position a local government should take? I am not sure, but it certainly is a valid way for an individual to try and make the world just a tiny tiny bit better.


Lured by sales taxes

Re: “Big boxes can hurt”

Kudos to those that posted about how big box stores destroy communities. There are numerous books out that talk about this, yet so many towns succumb to the “proposed” sales tax lure. Eagle and Eagle County should learn by other town’s past mistakes ” the approval of these big box stores.

Eagle ” stay unique. Resist these developers that will ultimately cost your community millions in infrastructure, various needed services and loss of quality of life (more traffic will be the result!)


At least the Prius is small

Re: “Priuses not saving much”

The nice thing about them is that they have great mileage and great resale, plus they don’t block your view while in traffic and don’t block your view when parked. They are much more pleasing to look at than the idiotic oversized vehicles that they replaced.

As for maintaining older vehicles, well the newer technology always seems to leap frog the older technology. I just wished that I was sharing the road with more vehicles the size of Toyotas than sharing the road with more Tahoes that just block your view and overstuff parking spots.

long timer

Hong Kong bound

Re: “Eagle County golf pro will help with 2008 Olympics”

Congratulations on your success, Chase ” new country, language, culture, country and job. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime that very few people can handle.


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