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Wisdom: Vail Resorts’ green plans ‘a farce’

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Pay a living wage

(Refer to “Eagle County employers scrambling”)

We don’t have a worker shortage, we have a surplus of greedy business owners. We do have a shortage of well-paying jobs. I guarantee you that if these people looking for employees just agreed to pay a living wage the job would be filled in less than a week.


It’s housing, not pay

(Refer to “Eagle County employers scrambling”)

I do not know what hugohugo is talking about. Usually when people are talking about a living wage they are talking about employers paying at or near the minimum wage. In Vail, dishwashers are getting $14 and hour, prep cooks are getting $20 per hour. These are unskilled starter jobs. This problem is not greedy employers, it is a shortage of housing.

Timber Ridge should become 100-percent seasonal housing and (have) double the planned density.

vail resident

Good news is great

(Refer to “Ex-homeless woman named best bus rider”)

Now that is news worth printing! Kindness breeds kindness. We all need help every now and then and no one is better than anyone. Shame on this valley and those people she interviewed with before Home Depot who would not give a woman with years of experience in clerical work a job just because she was homeless and living in her truck. Melanie Wong, thank you for REAL journalism at this day in time especially in a county of this country in which this world is greatly living in fear and near the end due to excess, greed, and selfishness. God Bless.


Just blowing smoke

(Refer to “Ski chiefs back energy plan”)

I have the utmost respect for John Garnsey and Bill Jensen as the last of the true ski resort experts left at Vail Resorts. However, an ill-wind blows from VR’s Broomfield office and their dedication to wind power is a farce.

This article is full of aspirations, but lacks any definitive substance on how an industry with such a huge carbon footprint plans to be part of a climate change solution, not a continuing direct and indirect source of greenhouse gas emissions (cars and private jets bringing guests and workers, trucks bringing supplies, cats grooming 24/7, snowmobiles shuttling lift workers who can ski to locations on the mountains, energy use of hotels, condos, etc. full of guests and so on.)

Most of us are here because of the beauty of the mountains and the delight of snow sports and we rely on the success of the ski industry. However, the industry that sustains our bank accounts is killing that which makes it all possible. John and Bill are leaders and visionaries, but as the largest ski resort operator in North America, Vail Resorts’ CEO needs to show true leadership in this initiative ” not just passing out lightbulbs in Beaver Creek. His “wind credits” are just that ” wind. It is a payment for the right to pollute. Hopefully Vail Resorts will change the course and show us all that it is a responsible corporate citizen that is concerned about more than real estate deals.


Laws not being enforced

(Refer to the Daily editorial “Feds have failed us”)

It is indeed a failure of our government ” from the president on down ” that our immigration laws are not being enforced. They are going through a sophomoric charade of pretending to enforce the law while they wait out the next election cycle so they can start anew with their “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The American people have spoken loud and clear that they will not accept amnesty for the illegals that are in this country but the government is not listening. I applaud your editorial board for putting the failure in the sunshine and encourage you to continue in that effort.


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