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Wisdom: Vail Valley ‘an energy drain’

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Sticking up for the man

Re: “Boy, 8, sued in Beaver Creek ski collision”

What do you people really know? All you people really know is what you hear from the news, which is NOT always correct!

Maybe you should take into consideration that the old guy did get hurt and he has been through alot these past two years. Did you ever think, yes it was an accident, the kid didn’t mean to hit him, but it did happen. When someone hits you from behind on a ski slope accidents may occur, and in this situation they did. He got hurt. Not saying the kid went out to hit the old guy from behind on purpose, but it happened.

Take some responsibilities for this and stop trying to pin it on the old guy. He was the one who got hurt anyways! Someone needs to stick up for the old man.


No more fees

Re: “The evils of tacked-on fees

“They want your money whether you spend it or not.” Excellent quote. The pot has been slowly heating to a boil and now all of us credit frogs need a prince to help undo the scandalous way of the banking industry. I give solutions on my two protest Web sites, http://www.credit-card-cap.com and http://www.credit-protector.com.

Alessandro Machi

Valley ‘an energy drain’

Re: “Entire Eagle Co. neighborhoods may go green

Yes, let’s have our green neighborhoods while we all drive our massive, gas guzzling cars and trucks and participate in a sport that lives on fossil fuel, not Mother Nature’s bounty.

So we go green in order to live off of tourism brought here not by mass transit, but by individual cars.

I would love to have fresh produce and see less consumption of energy here, but unfortunately the reality is this valley is an energy drain.


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