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Wisdom: Vail Valley is never satisfied

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Eagle County: Can building housing be easier?”

But even with the county’s down payment assistance program, already in place, they still will not qualify for the mortgages. Where will that get them? NOWHERE. There are other, better plans, to come from the new vision of the alternative commissioner candidates. Stay tuned. Socialism is not the answer.

Gossip Girl

Re: “Adult drug use just as bad”

The beauty and the lifestyle just isn’t enough, no one is satisfied, most just want MORE! It shows in the largely empty houses burning gas all winter, in the vehicles, in the opulence and simple pricing of all things Vail. Wonder where we are headed? Exactly where we are pointing.

as you were

Re: “Obama remarks socialistic”

Those with a brain knew exactly what Obama meant. We all know by now the Repub sleaze campaign plans to paint Obama with the atheist, elitist slime brush. How typical.

proud,liberal ex-Marine

Re: “Building in Eagle Co. without rules won’t work”

Eagle County already has housing guidelines. You should already know this if you expect to be a county commissioner. There have been no “blank page” negotiations for years, Jon. Where have you been?


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