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Wisdom: Vail’s not that diverse

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Vail’s not that diverse

Re: “On our way to equality?”

There also is no concept regarding the subtleties of racial and ethnic discrimination which seem to be widely practiced in this valley and this is worst than outright racial or ethnic bias. We love to call ourselves a “diverse” community but how diverse are we in our day-to-day relationships with others different than ourselves?


Charge them!

Re: “Will Front Rangers pay to drive to Vail?”

Great idea. Something needs to be done to shift the traffic pattern. No one wants to build a monorail, so there is no alternative. I would take it a step further and say charge trucks $100 to travel during peak times as they are the ones who really slow down the traffic …


Don’t charge me

Re: “Will Front Rangers pay to drive to Vail?”

How are you going to prove they are not coming home to the mountains? Some of us live there, you know, and we drive to Denver, you know. I would be FURIOUS at a new $12 tax for a road my taxes pay for now so I could just drive home!

Why not create a toll road if Colorado wants this extra tax so badly and that way the people who want to pay this extra tax (and it is a tax, people) can pay it and the rest of us trying to go home can just sit in the weekend traffic if we so choose.


More money, more problems

Re: “Will Front Rangers pay to drive to Vail?”

If you live in Denver and want to go to Vail, what options do you have? Take Colorado Mountain Express from the Airport? All that will happen is that people will crowd onto the alternate routes like 285 to Fairplay then 9 over to Breckenridge.

THAT’s a great idea. I don’t think we are ready for time-of-day pricing or tolls on Interstate 70.


Sign of the times?

Re: “Housing crunch squeezes Beaver Creek ski instructors”

It will only get worse due to people who live here being forced to work away from Vail … Farther down valley you can find or even purchase housing and find a great job that has free parking. Soon Vail Resorts will have to import most of their workforce. Full-time residents just won” be able to work for them with their substandard pay scales, no parking in the town of Vail, except if you wish to buy a spot for over a $100,000!

Long lines aren’t inevitable

Re: “Long lines, late results likely in Colo. election”

We are seeing a very strange claim from some Colorado clerks… that paper ballots at precincts mean long lines. The opposite is generally true. The only way long lines happen with paper is when election officials try to hold back paper ballots, don’t have enough, don’t provide enough space at the polling places to vote on paper or are depending too much on a limited number of expensive machines. All of this has happened in Eagle County but did not have to. If there are enough ballots printed and enough election judges and they do the right thing lines could be eliminated …

Harvie Branscomb, El Jebel

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