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Wisdom: What would Vail be without Vail Resorts?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

No secrets, anytime

(Refer to “Backroom antics play out in Vail”)

City governments should never be allowed to meet behind closed doors. Also, let’s not forget that Vail would be just another mountain town without Vail Resorts.


Not just another mountain

(Refer to “Backroom antics play out in Vail”)

Vail Mountain is “not just another mountain” due to the efforts of people who came long before Rob Katz and Co.

Let’s face it. Vail Resorts is NOT a ski company. It’s a real estate company that happens to run ski resorts (loss leaders for their real estate ventures). Vail Mountain is fast becoming “just another mountain” as the men and women who were part of the creation and development of Vail retire or leave. Vail Resorts inherited Vail. They didn’t build it. I don’t see how building white elephants like Arrabelle do anything to improve the mountain and the resort for the average visitor.


Timing was fine

(Refer to the letter to the editor “Bad timing”)

Guess what, John Eschenlohr? It’s always the right time to tell the truth. What’s truly despicable isn’t Matt Z’s timing, it’s your attempt to hijack Veteran’s Day in service of a weak and spurious attack on people who dare criticize your beloved George W. Bush and his ill-conceived war.

To do this, you rely on a common totalitarian tactic, which is to equate criticism of a failed leader and his failed policies with an attack on the country and the troops themselves. They do the same thing in North Korea, too, didja know that, Mr. Eschenlohr?


Doesn’t even exist

(Refer to the letter “Hydroelectric solutions?”)

What on earth is Black Gore Creek Valley? I almost impaled myself with my keyboard upon reading that!

Sounds like Eagle Valley and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and military intelligence (all things that don’t exist).


You may have a problem

(Refer to the blog “Swimming with sobriety”)

How absolutely embarrassing to publish this about yourself. Maybe you should put down the bottle and find out what’s important to you besides getting wasted.

If this article is not a cry for help, it’s extremely sad. I wish you luck in finding your way beyond the bars.


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