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Wisdom: What’s a good tip in Eagle County?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Re: “Skateboarding not a crime

Skateboarding where nobody wants you to be skateboarding is. By your logic, I should be able to drive my motorcycle up the steps of the state capital, just because it is a publicly owned asset. We all have boundaries with which we must live … if somebody says you can’t ride your skateboard somewhere, then take it someplace you can and stop your whining.


Re: “‘Run for the Roses’ gala in Beaver Creek”

GO BOLDLY! Keep up the great work Stone Creek Charter families! Thank you to all the volunteers for putting on this great event to raise funds which will enable Stone Creek to continue to offer an unsurpassed curriculum!

Toni McCabe

SCCS Parent/Board Member

Re: “Raid rip families apart”

Too bad families were torn apart, but they are here illegally and should have thought about their children before embarking on a life of crime. I hope all these CRIMINAL families and anchor children are deported.


Re: “Tips decided by patron, not server”

Gaper! You’ve never had this happen before? Sounds like a tightwad who was upset that he was now too ashamed to leave his customary 5 percent tip.


Re: “Tips decided by patron, not server”

I definitely would have asked for the manager, that’s outrageous. If your server does a good job I’ll tip the 18 percent or higher. If they do a crappy job they’ll get the minimum.

I’m sorry but being a server, your tip is based on performance. You do a good job, you get a better tip.

Bad service you’ll get paid the minimum.


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