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Wisdom: What’s Arn up to?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Need an Arn update

Hey, I’ve been out of town for a week. Did I miss any Arn events? Was he caught in public picking his nose? Did he smoke a cigarette in a no-smoking area? Did he forget to shave one day? Perhaps he parked over the yellow line somewhere.

Come on, fill me in.


Babies are in

(Refer to “Can we create cheaper child care?”)

Remember: the most-sought accessary in 2006 was a baby. Honest.

The biggest “problem” is these parents primarily can raise their own babies. They do not want to.

Afterall, life is easier if their babies are in day care while they go to their corporate parties, skiing with friends, and best of all, taking these babies of theirs to day care all day long so they can go clothes shopping for these children. I have to admit hearing that one; well, it just blew me away! Not taking your own kids while you buy their own clothes!

These babies put in longer hours at day care than most adults work in a week.


What’s your point?

(Refer to “Hypocrisy in Vick case”)

Courtland, are you wanting to legalize dogfighting? Your comparison of numerous legal activities to that of prosecuting someone engaged in illegal activities makes no sense. What is hypocritical about that?

You try to compare dozens of legal activities to one illegal activity, yet you clearly know very little about any of the activities you briefly mention.

You make no argument to make anything specific legal or illegal, you just seem to try to list as many liberal agenda items as you can remember hearing at your last cocktail party.


Protect yourself

(Refer to “Lots of ladies learning to shoot”)

We all must arm ourselves, learn how to use those arms effectively, get licensed, and not shy away from appropriate use of them.

Shirley Hendrickson

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