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Wisdom: What’s in the air up there?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Chemtrails ” military conspiracy or conspiracy theory?

Vail resident Dave Kraft would vote for the former.

Our story, “Vail man is suspicious of the sky,” about Kraft and his concerns about the puffs of white mist that stream behind airplanes got plenty of comments on http://www.vaildaily.com this week.

Some offered explanations for the white trails and suggested Kraft could focus his concerns on more important things ….


You don’t need to be afraid of the clouds. The reason why it looked like there were more contrails one day than another has to do with humidity in the air. The aircraft are flying on high altitude highways called high altitude instrument airways, which are defined by transmitters on the ground. That’s why you see them in the same places all the time. This is how pilots navigate, and how they get you from point A to point B without seeing the ground, or at night in bad weather. Actually, if you could fly right next to the contrails they look like big smoke rings. Hope that calms your fear. I would be more concerned about John McCain being elected quite honestly.

” KingKrabby

Many scoffed at Kraft’s suggestion and criticized the Vail Daily for even printing the story …

Writing this article is like making fun of the handicapped. This guy needs help, maybe medication. Bad form Vail Daily, very bad form.

” eastvail

The Vail Daily is publishing conspiracy theories now? Really?

” Oyp

But there were a few who, like Kraft, believe there’s something more to those white trails of mist than just cold air and ice.

I am 54 years old and can clearly remember when contrails acted like, well, contrails. They dissipated after a short time.Now they spread. And Spread. AND SPREAD.

I have seen these even in the middle of nowhere, far, far from airplanes …

Our government has lied about testing radiation and diseases on us.They lied about nuclear power. They lied about Vietnam. They lied about Iraq. What haven’t they lied about?

” Casper Wski

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