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Wisdom: Why Edwards’ Miller Ranch homes aren’t sellin

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Editor’s note: It wasn’t that long ago that the homes in Edwards’ Miller Ranch were some of the most sought-after properties in the county. But even the homes in the affordable housing development aren’t moving as quickly these days because of the national credit crunch, county officials say.

The article, “Fewer buyers for Miller Ranch homes” prompted several people to make Web comments on the Vail Daily Web site. Some placed blame on the county’s largest employer (who remained unnamed in the posts). Others accused the Eagle County Board of Commissioners of worsening the situation.

Perhaps what this really indicates is not as much a tightening of lending practices, but rather, that the real problem facing this valley isn’t a lack of affordable housing. It is a lack of good paying jobs. The majority of jobs offer less than $15 an hour.

The “housing crisis” as everyone likes to talk about is simply a symptom of the real problem (i.e. the county’s biggest employer pays the majority of their people a substandard wage).


They are unwilling, as we see over and over, to spend money to make a serious dent in the housing need among their low-paid employees. They just keep leaching off the town. By the way, guido-town (Arra-smell) earned them a huge obligation to build beds, yet they try everything they can to get out of it. Nice corporate neighbor.


I could see this one coming a mile away. Affordable housing is no longer obtainable because the buyers don’t qualify for the loans. And now we, the taxpayers, are personally liable for the Stratton Flats housing project, and they will never sell it. Thirteen buyers for Miller Ranch and hundreds of available units at Stratton Flats. Keep this in mind when you vote in November. There is a better way.

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