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Wisdom: You can afford Eagle Co. housing

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Scrimp and pinch your way to a home

Re: “A real housing emergency”

I support profitable housing such as Miller Ranch but I also NEVER bought a tax subsidized house ” ever. Most of us here haven’t in fact and I am not rich. I scrimped, I saved, I didn’t go out and that was when I was a young twentysomething and wanted my first home! Owning property meant more to me than partying, dinners out, and movies ” to name a few. When you work hard for a goal, you tend to value it. Arn loves Other People’s Money in pursuit of his personal goal of giving back. I say “give away, Arn” as long as it is his money he doles out. This isn’t his money. Period.


Scrimping won’t work today

Re: “A real housing emergency”

Hey man, I agree. I did the same thing you did, saved every last penny and bought my house myself with nobody’s help but mine. No help from the state or other people’s money. But not everyone can do that, especially now, when the price for a “normal” house or condo is twice what it used to be even five or six years ago. I just think that more people need help now, and not just for the sake of helping people have houses, but to maintain a balanced society here in the Vail Valley, which depends on happy workers servicing our tourist-driven economy. Is that so bad? Sheesh.


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