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Wolfe, Sipes will seek Avon reelection

Nicole Frey
Brian Sipes

AVON – The smell of grilling hot-dogs and hamburgers hung in the air at Nottingham Park last week. Amid the people grilling, plating food and stocking chips and drinks, Councilman Brian Sipes directed traffic.

Doing his best Vanna White impersonation, Sipes told the crowd at the Avon Community Picnic to form two lines so they could get the grub a little faster. Then he went back to putting burgers and dogs on plates for the hungry masses.

For years, Sipes has donned the blue town of Avon apron with his name on it for the community picnic. Running for another term on the Avon Town Council, Sipes is hoping to be dishing food out again next year.

“I’ve loved serving, and I still think I have something to bring to the table,” Sipes said. He’s not just talking about food.

As an architect, Sipes said he brings a unique and useful bank of knowledge in urban planning to the council. “I think those skills are really valuable given the development and redevelopment in Avon right now,” he said.

In his four years on council, Sipes said he’s happy to report government has become more transparent. Council packets are in plain English now instead of legalize, he said, and council members have become more approachable.

Avon has also installed cameras so the meetings can be broadcast, and work sessions are held at the dais instead of around a table so everyone can hear what’s going on, he said.

“I listen to everybody who has brought ideas,” Sipes said.

Joining Sipes in the race is Avon Mayor Ron Wolfe.

“There are now three generations of the Wolfe family in the Vail Valley, and I thought I could help Avon be everything it could be,” Wolfe said.

With the help of his engineering and business background, Wolfe said he’s demonstrated his skill in the last four years on council, including helping Avon come up with creative, aggressive, businesslike solutions to its problems.

“We’re more analytical now,” he said. “The way in which we act and think has changed. We’re much more competent now.”

Since Wolfe joined the council, development has started paying for itself, he said, instead of the government paying for development.

However it pans out in the end, fellow councilors expected and are happy to see Wolfe and Sipes are in the race.

“They’ve both been great additions,” Councilwoman Kristi Ferraro said.

Staff Writer Nicole Frey can be reached at 748-2927 or nfrey@vaildaily.com.

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