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Woman brings bag of poo to Avon council meeting

AVON — During the public discussion about the Avon Town Council’s cancellation of its purchase contract for the Skier Building, one local resident spoke about her displeasure with the way the town manages the facilities it has now. The woman, who lives near Nottingham Park, called the park a “freak show” of rowdy youths and drug use, But she was particularly annoyed with the amount of dog waste accumulating in the park.

Toward the end of her profanity-punctuated presentation, the woman presented the council with a good-sized shopping bag about half-full of dog poo — about five pounds worth, she said. That, and one final profanity, prompted Mayor Jennie Fancher to ask Police Chief Bob Ticer to remove the woman, and her bag, from the room.

“I’ve never had to do that before,” Ticer said later.

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