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Woman burps her way into arrest

J.K. Perry
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE ” A woman burped her way into a drunk driving arrest early Jan. 21, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.

An Eagle officer brought the drunk woman to the police station, where a deputy helped administer a breath test. The deputy told the woman not to burp or vomit before taking the test or they’d have to wait another 20 minutes before taking the test again.

The woman breathed into a tube connected to the test machine, issuing “short bursts of air making a sloppy wet flappy noise with her lips” and spitting all the while, the deputy said.

He asked her to breathe steadily and strongly into the machine, but she continued with the short bursts of air. She removed the tube’s mouthpiece three times, dropping it twice. She steadied herself on the machine and nearly broke the tube in half.

The machine read “invalid sample.”

They started the 20-minute wait while the deputy got two mouthpieces, one for him and one for her, to demonstrate how to blow into the tube. She said she understood and burped. They started the 20-minute wait again. She said she understood and burped again.

The deputy told her not to burp and showed her how to blow into the tube. She practiced, doing the same “flappy-lipped short quick breath” she did before.

After 19 minutes, the woman approached the machine and burped.

“What was that,” the deputy said.

“What,” she replied, and then burped twice more.

The deputy felt that constituted refusal of the breath test and she lost her license.

AVON ” A gas truck driver infuriated a man so much he pounded the truck with a screwdriver Jan. 25, according to an Avon police report.

The truck driver pulled into the Avon Conoco, blocking several people’s cars. The man asked the driver to move, but the driver said he couldn’t until a Pepsi truck and bread truck finished their deliveries.

The man asked the manager to have the driver move. The manager refused, so the man again asked the driver to move. When the driver denied the request, the man began yelling, got a screwdriver from his truck, asked the driver if slashing the tires might make him move and then pounded on the gas truck with the screwdriver.

Other people blocked in also got upset and blamed the driver for stalling them.

The man drove his truck in front of the store doors, hitting some garbage cans. Then he got out, placed his back against the doors and braced his feet on the front bumper to keep people from getting in, all because the manager refused to help.

The bread truck got stuck on an icy incline, so the driver tried to get rock salt from the store, but the man wouldn’t let him in.

Police ticketed the man for disorderly conduct.

AVON ” A driver lead deputies on a high-speed chase through Avon on snow-covered slippery roads Jan. 20, according to a Sheriff’s report.

A deputy saw a truck without working taillights headed west on U.S. Highway 6 near Stonebridge Road. The deputy followed without turning on his emergency lights, but the driver still pulled over.

A Jerry Garcia sticker and indiscernible temporary license were on the back window. The driver swerved back onto the road and went 50 yards before pulling over again. The deputy walked toward the truck and the driver sped away.

He hopped back in the patrol car and tailed the driver to the Avon Center, where two men jumped out of the truck and fled. The driver took off again, this time nearly hitting a taxi and losing the deputy.

When another deputy saw the driver speeding at 85 mph on Highway 6, the chase was called off because of the slick and dangerous roads. The deputies searched and failed to find the two men, but they later found the truck parked in a lot off Homestead Drive in Edwards.

Someone removed the Jerry Garcia sticker and tossed it and the truck’s keys into the snow. There were two kegs in the truck.

Deputies went to a nearby house, where the owner of the truck lived. A man there said a woman owns the truck and her son drives it. Neither were home, but the man said the son came home earlier with some friends and bragged about bypassing a road block and speeding from the cops.

Police didn’t immediately find the mother or son. They continue to investigate.

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