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Woman charged in Eagle shooting claims abuse

Dawn Witlin
Vail, CO Colorado
Eagle County Sheriff's OfficeErin Kim Stephens

EAGLE, Colorado ” An Eagle woman arrested last week after allegedly shooting her husband in the arm said she was driven to commit the crime by abuse, police said.

Erin Kim Stephens, was arrested at 111 Violet Lane in Eagle last Saturday after calling police to admit shooting her common-law husband, Anthony Sincebaugh, 40, of Eagle, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

Stephens account of the the incident, as told by an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office police report released this week, is as follows:

“Isn’t it sad that I would rather go to jail than stay here?” the 54-year-old woman told police.

Stephens said she is an alcoholic, but had been sober for more than a year ” until the night of her arrest.

To “show (Sincebaugh) just how bad he really is,” Stephens said she had been drinking all day before allegedly shooting Sincebaugh.

Stumbling through details, an intoxicated Stephens said she and Sincebaugh would “die together,” but she hadn’t intended on killing him that night.

The day Sincebaugh was shot, Stephens had an argument with Stephens when he told her to shut up.

Stephens repeatedly said her husband was, “always telling her ‘Shut up, shut the (expletive) up.'”

On the night of the incident, Stephens said she had decided she needed to “show him.”

Stephens said she went to the store and bought beer and schnapps, intending to get drunk.

“Let’s get (expletive) up,” Stephens said to Sincebaugh when she arrived home with the booze.

After drinking roughly eight beers and 17 shots, Stephens said she and her husband were having a great time and were ready to sit down to eat dinner.

Before dinner, Stephens became aggravated when Sincebaugh roughly grabbed her waist.

When Stephens told him she was hurt, he told her “Shut up, shut the (expletive) up.”

Stephens allegedly walked into the bedroom, grabbed her husband’s 9 mm Ruger semi automatic pistol and decided to “teach him a lesson,” police said.

As Stephens walked into the kitchen, her husband saw the gun and said, “What are you trying to do, kill me?”

Stephens said she tried to appeal to her husband.

“You’re killing me,” Stephens said to Sincebaugh. “You are killing both of us. We are going to die because of your drinking,”

Police said Stephens then fired a round into the kitchen cabinet. She tried to fire another round, but the gun didn’t go off.

Stephens said she chambered another round and fired a shot into the ceiling.

Stephens fired two more rounds at the left and right shoulders of her husband, hitting him in the arm.

“What am I going to tell my parents?” Sincebaugh said after he was shot.

Police said Stephens admitted to shooting her husband to paramedics while they evaluated her.

“I shot my husband,” Stephens said.

Sincebaugh suffered non-life-threatening injuries from the attack.

Stephens was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, prohibited use of a deadly weapon while intoxicated, domestic violence and reckless endangerment.

Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hulbert said he is reviewing the case and may charge Stephens with attempted murder.

“We haven’t decided on that,” he said Friday about possibly elevating charges against Stephens.

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