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Woman faces death cookies alone

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

About five years ago, I was skiing next to a new part-time instructor while he was conducting a beginner’s class. One of the ladies in the class asked him, “What are these things on the snow?””Well,” he said, “They call those ‘death cookies.” The instructor explained to her that they were small, frozen chunks of snow left behind by the grooming machines.The lady continued staring at the death cookies, appearing to be quite bothered by them. She asked the instructor how one goes about skiing over them.”If you are skiing and your left ski happens to pass over the cookies, you need to immediately transfer your weight to your right ski.”The lady thought about this for a moment and asked, “What happens if there are death cookies under your right ski?” The instructor explained, “Then, you need to transfer your weight over to your left ski.”Skeptical of his advice the lady asked the instructor, “Well, what happens if I ski over the death cookies with both of my skis?”Fed up with the lady’s questions, the instructor shot back, “Then, you’re on your own, lady!”- Conrad Staudinger, Sun Valley, IdahoA bun in the oven?Some of our most frequent visitors to Park City were young couples from Los Angeles. In less than three hours, they could zoom from sea level to over 7,000 feet, which often resulted in some short-lived cases of altitude sickness.During the first hour of a beginner’s lesson, one of the women in my class felt woozy, then passed out on the snow. Fearing the worst, I immediately hiked uphill to see what I could do to help.When I reached her, I swung her legs around uphill to help move the blood to her head. After a few moments, she finally came to, dazed and confused over what happened.I asked her, “Are you all right? How are you feeling?” She said that she was starting to feel better. I asked her, “Have you ever passed out like this before?”She replied, “Oh Gawd, if I’m pregnant again, my husband is going to have a fit!”- Ken Oswald, Park City, UtahVail, Colorado

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