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Woman, girl killed in Denver shooting

DENVER (AP) ” A single bullet that may have been fired by a New Year’s reveler ripped through the wall of a house shortly after midnight Tuesday, killing an 11-year-old girl and a woman attending a party inside, investigators said.

“It might have been an accident, which still would be illegal if someone was firing a weapon recklessly in the city,” Police Chief Gerry Whitman said.

Whitman said investigators believe the weapon was a high-powered rifle. Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the shot was fired at about 12:20 a.m., and the shooter may have been celebrating the New Year.

Witnesses reported hearing several shots, and a second bullet was found in a snowbank in front of the home.

Jackson said the victims were at a party with about 10 other people when the bullet pierced the front wall of the house, passed through the head of the woman, who was seated, and struck the girl in the side.

The woman died at the scene and the girl was pronounced dead at a hospital. Their names had not been released. It wasn’t immediately known if they were related.

No arrests had been made, but investigators were still interviewing witnesses.

Whitman and Jackson said investigators believe the shot was fired from up to 300 yards away, possibly from across a greenway flanking the Lakewood Dry Gulch walking path near the house.

Police said they used lasers to trace the trajectory of the shot and to determine that one bullet killed both victims.

“We think we got a pretty good laser shot on where the bullet came from,” Whitman said.

The house sits somewhat higher than the opposite side of the greenway, in a west Denver neighborhood of modest single-family homes, duplexes and apartment buildings.

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