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Woman named ‘Citizen of the Year’ for Eagle fundraiser

Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyHolli Snyder, the mastermind behind the Boots on Broadway fundraiser, was named Citizen of the Year.

EAGLE, COLORADO ” Charity fundraisers accomplish good for the community ” but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide a laugh or two at the same time.

Bringing out the fun in fundraising is where Holli Snyder excels. Witness last summer’s Boots on Broadway promotion ” which netted $50,000, while bringing more traffic to Eagle’s downtown ” as a great example. That’s why Snyder has been tapped as the 2007 Eagle Valley Citizen of the Year.

Snyder says she was totally surprised, thrilled and excited by the honor. At her job with radio conglomerate NRC Broadcasting, Snyder promotes various special events around the valley. Last spring, she was brainstorming ideas for an Eagle County Fair and Rodeo/downtown Eagle promotion. She was thinking about bucking broncos, fair attractions and livestock auctions when she happened on an idea. She had seen the Chicago cows exhibit ” where artists were tapped to decorate fiberglass cows, and the works were then positioned around the city. From there, the idea of placing a dozen 5-foot, decorated boots along Broadway was born.

“Everyone was so supportive of the project,” Snyder said. “I had no idea it would be as well-received as it was.”

Once she began advertising for boot artists, Snyder was besieged with applicants. “There’s a huge art community out there,” she said. “I really wanted it to feature Eagle artists.”

Ultimately, she culled the field of hopefuls and selected the 12 boot artists. When she saw the final products, even Snyder was amazed. “I didn’t give the artists any directions, and all the boots came out so cool.”

The community agreed. In nominating Snyder as Citizen of the Year, her longtime friend Jenny Ellringer cited the Boots exhibition. “I think it was one of the coolest things we have seen in the area for a fundraising drive,” Ellringer said. “All of Holli’s fundraising ideas are fun and exciting, and her enthusiasm is what impresses me the most.”

When the exhibition concluded, and the boots were auctioned, a $3,750 scholarship was established for Eagle Valley High School, and a $20,000 donation was divided between the Shaw Cancer Center and the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. Additionally, the 12 artists received a stipend to defray the costs they assumed in creating their work.

What can she do as a follow-up? Snyder has another artwork idea brewing, but she isn’t quite ready to spill the details. She urges everyone to simply stay tuned.

Rick Beveridge admits he was pleasantly surprised to learn that his real estate company had been singled out for Business of the Year honors by the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s an honor. There are some great businesses who have been honored ahead of us,” he says.

According to the various people who nominated Beveridge Real Estate, the business fits in well with its predecessors.

Jim Turnipseed of Eagle was one of the people who nominated Beveridge for the honor. “Rick is an all-around nice guy. He does a lot for the community. He’s always writing checks and at auctions, he’s there bidding on all the expensive stuff,” Turnipseed said.

Beveridge Real Estate’s record supports those statements. Consider the list of community events that Beveridge Real Estate sponsors:

– Christmas on Broadway parade

– Gypsum Holiday Lighting Contest

– ShowDownTown concert series

– Gypsum Daze concert

– Flight Days auction

– Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

– Junior Livestock Sale

Additionally, the business has helped out various families in need.

Helping the community is part of the Beveridge Real Estate business plan. A percentage of the money generated from real estate sales is placed in a special community fund to provide donation/sponsorship funds.

Beveridge said that all of his brokers are involved in various community organizations. He hopes that Beveridge Real Estate has a reputation for being a company that steps up to help when local residents need a hand.

And beyond all the community support, Turnipseed said the firm does a fine job of selling properties. He said that when he called Beveridge and said he was thinking about listing his home for sale, a showing was arranged before the listing contract was even formalized.

“I told Rick I didn’t have time to clean my house before the showing, and he said that was all right. He went to my house and cleaned it.”

These stories first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

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