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Woman sexually assaulted at Centennial in Aspen

ASPEN, Colorado ” A Carbondale man has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at Aspen’s Centennial apartments early Saturday morning.

Emanuel Gonzalez-Loujun, 21, was picked up by police at 2:30 a.m. He is charged with sexual assault, second-degree kidnapping, possession of cocaine and unlawful distribution, second-degree assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest, according to Aspen Police Sgt. Mike Tracey. All of the charges are felonies with the exception of resisting arrest.

Rob Fabrocini and Leon Murray were the arresting officers. Tracey declined to say which officer was assaulted.

Gonzalez-Loujun’s bail is set at $70,000 and he currently is being held in the Pitkin County jail.

Bill and Rafaela Doherty, who live at 425 Cowenhoven Court, witnessed the alleged attack.

Bill Doherty said he and his wife had just gotten home from working at Kenichi and were unwinding on the couch shortly after 2 a.m. They were about to turn off the TV and go to bed when they heard a loud pounding on their door, Doherty said.

Thinking it was a roommate, his wife Rafaela opened the door. But what she saw was a woman in her mid-20s clutching onto the railing of the stairway and trying to break free from Gonzalez-Loujun, who was dragging her down the metal steps, Doherty said.

The victim managed to escape, ran into the Dohertys’ apartment and slammed the door.

“It took a couple of moments to evaluate the situation and then she said ‘this guy just raped me,'” Doherty said, adding her tights were torn, her hair was disheveled, make up was running down her face and her knees were skinned up. “She was frantic, distraught and crying.”

Rafaela dialed 911 and Bill put a blanket around the victim, who told him she was freezing.

Bill said he went outside to look for the suspect and saw him standing on a nearby sidewalk. He quickly retreated back into the apartment after the victim said he told her he had a gun.

The victim borrowed a cell phone to call a friend and went to an upstairs bathroom. An officer arrived and comforted the victim upstairs, Bill said. Fabrocini and Murray arrived shortly after and took a description of the suspect. Bill said the suspect was wearing a baggy pants and a hat.

A call came over the police radio that the suspect was spotted in the area and the two officers ran out the door, Bill said.

Murray and Fabrocini returned later, Bill said. Murray looked like he gotten into a scuffle, based on scratches he saw, Bill added.

The Dohertys gave statements to the police until about 4 a.m., Bill said.

He added that he had never seen the woman before. She told Bill that she met Gonzalez-Loujun on the 2 a.m. Hunter Creek bus. How they ended up a short time later in front of the Dohertys’ door is unclear.

“I imagine she was looking for a safe haven and we had a light on,” Bill said. “I’m glad we were awake.”


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