Women’s boots: Fashion versus function for winter in Eagle County

Jasmine Listou Bible
Special to the Daily
Women’s Tivoli II High Boot in Curry, Sorel ($140),
Courtesy of Sorel |

The boots

clockwise from upper left

• Women’s Tivoli II High Boot in Curry, Sorel ($140),

Function: 5 out of 5 stars

Fashion: 3 out of 5 stars

• Women’s Slimwestern Boot in Chili Red, Sorel ($150),

Function: 4 out of 5 stars

Fashion: 4 out of 5 stars

• Moon Boot W. E. Monaco in Black, Tecnica ($180),

Function: 4 out of 5 stars

Fashion: 3 out of 5 stars

• Leather Sneakers in Kiki Blue, V Italia ($125),

Function: 3 out of 5

Fashion: 5 out of 5

• Juno Tall Waterproof Boots in Charcoal, Bogs ($160)

Function: 4 out of 5

Fashion: 3 out of 5

• Women’s Polarand Rove Peak Waterproof Boot in Black, Merrell ($200)

Function: 5 out of 5

Fashion: 3 out of 5

Boot season has officially arrived. And if you’re like most women, finding the perfect boot can be tricky. You want something warm but not too bulky, something you can wear on a hike and to après ski, something that’s fashionable and functional. But can we really have both? We hit the streets and headed to some of our favorite Summit County shops to find out.


Sorels have been the go-to winter boot for decades, and with good reason. They work. Originally created with the sole purpose of keeping moisture out and warmth in, they became the no-frills standard in many mountain wardrobes. In recent years, they’ve evolved into a fashion-forward company that’s still backed with quality craftsmanship.

“Sorels are great for fashion and function,” said Scott Wescott, owner of Wilderness Sports in Dillon. “Take the Women’s Tivoli High II Boot. It retains all the function but still looks cute.”

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We agree. Leaning more into the fashion realm, the Women’s Slimwestern Boot by Sorel is popular with Wilderness Sports customers and Wescott’s wife.

“She has them in bright red and loves them,” he said.

The Western-wear-meets-snow-boot is fun and vibrant in the Chili Red color, with a lower cut that pairs perfectly with jeans or snug-fitting snow pants.

Once you’ve narrowed your style choices, try on your regular size and one size up. When it comes to fit in winter boots, Wescott recommends giving your toes a little bit of room.

“You want there to be enough room for the air to circulate and keep your feet warm,” he said. As for height, it comes down to personal preference. “In really cold temps when you’re focused on warmth, the higher the boot, the more warmth it provides. But boots that are a little bit shorter can be easier to wear, if you don’t have to worry about tucking in your pants into the boots.”

Wilderness Sports, located at 701 E. Anemone Trail in Dillon, carries a variety of brands and will happily assist you in seeking out the perfect boot.


A little bit of retro goes a long way. The Moon Boots by Tecnica are the classic throwback that blends comfort and warmth. The groovy boots continue to be highly sought after, according to Tricia Krasnicki, Weekend Manager at Goods Breckenridge.

“We have people come in all the time and get so excited about them,” she said.

The bouncy beauties come in a variety of styles and colors, but we love the Moon Boot W.E. Monaco in black. The glossy black boot is waterproof with anti-slip tread for stability. The magic carpet footbed is soft and comfortable, while the lunar fur trim keeps your legs warm and cozy.

Another in-vogue boot this season is the Leather Sneaker by V Italia. Definitely on the fashion end of the spectrum, these Italian leather short boots are fleece lined for added warmth. Goods Breckenridge, located at 105 S. Main St. in Breckenridge, carries seven different colors of these popular Polish-made sneakers.

“They’re great for romping around town and for standing at work all day,” said Krasnicki, who has a pair of her own. “The sole has a great grip, and they keep my feet warm but don’t overheat.”

We love the hipster style but think we’ll leave them in the closet on big snow days.


Ease of use is a quality that shouldn’t go undervalued when picking out winterwear. We love the Juno Tall boots from Bogs. The cutouts in the top act as handles, allowing you to pull these cuties on in seconds flat. The rugged grip outsole keeps you safe and protected from the elements, while the plush lining keeps toes insulated and warm up to minus 20 degrees. The soft leather comes in three colors; the charcoal gray is our favorite. The pop of coral trim keeps them looking fresh and fun.

For looser fitting boots like these, “you’ll want to stick with a thick wool sock like FITS,” Kranicki said. Wool socks from brands like FITS, Point 6 and Smartwool wick moisture away from your feet and retain warmth. When your boots need to take you from breakfast at Butterhorn Bakery to hiking up Mount Royal, you’ll need a snugger fitting boot and you’ll want to use a thinner sock, such as compression socks from VIM&VIGR.

We’re also digging the Women’s Polarand Rove Peak Waterproof Boot from Merrell. This rugged boot leans toward the function end of our spectrum, yet still feels on trend. The double straps around the calf and the subtle snowflake pattern at the top add some flourish. The lugged sole makes this the most treck-ready boot in the bunch, and the insulation keeps you toasty as you venture out.

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