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Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Eagle offers biweekly natural shamanism group

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EAGLE — Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Eagle will offer a biweekly natural shamanism group for men and women from Feb. 4 through May 20.

“‘Shamanism’ has become a generalized reference to many things spiritual, but traditionally it goes far deeper,” said Susie Kincade, founder of Women’s Empowerment Workshop and leader of the coaching group. “I’m drawing from my diverse background in Native American spirituality, nature-based coaching, Celtic, Buddhist and trans-denominational spiritual training to offer a coaching group that is truly exceptional and results-oriented.”

Kincade will use an approach related to the work of Joanna Macy, Buddhist teacher of wholeness and hope, to teach participants to listen deeply, find inner guidance from their deepest values, create and use personal ritual and develop the mindset of choosing one’s highest and best thought, word, action in every moment and every situation.

The group, limited to 12 people, will meet every other Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. beginning Feb. 4, with time outside in nature at Eloheh Nature Sanctuary in Eagle. One-on-one coaching and a full day culminating ceremony are included. Cost is $200 per month for four months or $675 for a one-time payment. A couples discount will be offered. To learn more, contact Kincade at 970-328-5472 or visit http://www.womenempower.us.

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