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Women’s Empowerment Workshop returns to Vail Valley on Sept. 13-16

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VAIL – What is your greatest potential in life? Are you achieving it? Are you bringing your most brilliant self to the world? These questions ignite a personal conversation that will be explored during the second annual Women’s Empowerment Workshop, Sept. 13-16 at the Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort. Through deep explorations in nature, rafting-kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, groundwork with horses, seminars and life coaching, women will discover the power within by connecting to nature in a deep and personal way.

Headlining this year’s facilitator staff include Tanya Miller, wilderness guide, Josie Fenton, wilderness therapist, Susie Kincade, workshop co-founder, Melisa Pearce, equine therapist and author, and Joan King, life coach and author. They will take women outward into nature, not to conquer it, but to learn from it. Activities are designed for all ages and abilities and provide skills and tools that women can take directly into their lives.

“I was feeling so blocked about decisions I needed to make in my life and was trapped in over-thinking them,” said Meadow Didier, a past participant. “Then during the rock climbing, I realized that I was actually a better climber when I was blindfolded and using my instincts and intuition instead of my brain. That was a huge defining moment for me, teaching me a lesson that I have since applied to making some very important decisions in my life. It was truly life changing for me,” she explained.

On the river expedition, women learn to understand currents of both water and life and apply the metaphors and navigation skills learned on the river to situations in their lives.

“On the river, I learned how to recognize and take advantage of ‘eddies’ in my life. I loved the connection and openness the circle of women creates. Everything was done so beautifully,” Jennifer West said after last year’s event.

Journeying to the soul of nature through hiking and learning from horses as they mirror the authentic self are other activities in this diverse, extraordinary workshop. Yoga, journaling, “Envision Your Life” seminars and life coaching round out the four days.

“The horses provided the ‘aha’ moment for me and served my intention for the workshop, which was to live and think in a more biocentric way. This is more significant than anything I’ve ever experienced,” Sherry Kaiser said.

“I left the workshop feeling so excited, empowered and energized,” said Beth Beeson, another past


American alpine pioneer Ellen Miller will present an inspirational and interactive keynote speech. Miller is the only American woman to climb Mt. Everest from both Tibet and Nepal. She guides treks, climbs in the Himalayas and coaches the U.S. Women’s Mountain Running Team. Miller lives and works in Vail as a fitness coach for people of all ability levels.

Hosted by the Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort and sponsored in part by the Center for Women in Business, a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Empowerment Workshop is open to women of all ages and abilities. Cost is $1,550 for the four-day retreat, which includes all guided outdoor explorations, social events, meals, speakers and one-on-one consultations. Visit the website and register by Aug. 17 online at http://www.women

empower.us. Call 970-328-5472 for more information.

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