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Woodshed Red plays Americana music with a touch of twang in Eagle County Friday, Saturday

Caramie Schnell

If you go ...

Who: Woodshed Red.

Where/when: Main St. Grill in Edwards at 8 p.m. Friday and at Pazzo’s Pizzeria in Eagle on Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

Cost: Free.

More information: Visit woodshedred.com.

Colorado Springs band Woodshed Red had only performed in public a few times when they were presented with a once-in-most-fiddle’s life kind of opportunity.

“We got a call from Will Farrell’s company, Funny Or Die,” said Craig Haughton, the upright bass player for Woodshed Red.

Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay with original and user-generated content.

“They were doing a cross-country tour and they were stopping in South Park to shoot some episodes with Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz,” Haughton said. “They wanted us to perform for them and be in their video. We had literally only performed live maybe twice when we got the call so it was really flattering that out of all the bands in the area, they had found us. It was a great time and everyone had a blast.”

Comprised of fiddle, acoustic guitar, upright bass, drums, and both male and female vocals, Woodshed Red has a smooth sound with a touch of twang. The band — Haughton along with Skye Lewis on drums/vocals,

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Deirdre McCarthy on fiddle/vocals,

Rob Fulton on guitar/vocals

— has a repertoire of more than 150 songs, which span several eras and genres, reshaped with a trademark Americana twist.

The band plays a free show at Main St. Grill in Edwards Friday night and again at Pazzo’s in Eagle on Saturday night. You can listen to two of the band’s original songs on its website, woodshedred.com. “Roll Up Your Sleeves” and “Take It From Me” both make you want to get off your barstool and move your feet. It’s that kind of band. In one word: Fun.

“We are all about fun,” Haughton agreed. “We end up traveling a lot and on these road trips we spend 90 percent of our time laughing. It carries over to our performances because people are going out to have a good time and that’s what we end up delivering.”

Vail Daily: How did the band come together?

Craig Haughton: Rob and I met playing shows with other groups in late 2012. We thought we could get a duo together with upright bass and gui.tar but then decided that we needed another instrument. I knew Deirdre, our fiddle player, from working with her a few years back in another band and gave her a call. We attempted a trio but we needed a complete rhythm section. Skye was a good friend of Rob and also an awesome drummer so it was a natural fit. When we realized what we had, we all dropped our other projects and focused on getting Woodshed Red off the ground.

VD: How do describe your band’s sound to someone who has never heard a song?

CH: We all come from completely different musical backgrounds so each person’s perspective will be different if everyone answered this question. We take music from many different genres (rock, country, hip hop, pop, jazz, oldies etc.) and put a bluegrass/Americana flavor to them and make it upbeat, danceable and fun.

VD: The band seems to have developed a bit of a following at Main St. Grill in Edwards where you have played before. Tell me about something funny or interesting that has happened at a show there.

CH: Ummmm … (I’m) not sure if you want to print this but this girl shows up with a whip, right? Well, everyone is dancing and having a merry time and then this girl and her friend proceeded to molest me and dance all sexy, grinding all over me. Now, I don’t want to discourage that kind of behavior because everybody is having fun, but it’s very difficult to concentrate on what I’m playing.

VD: You’re working on your first album. What can you tell us about it? When do you think it’ll be released?

CH: We are really excited about it. Its probably easier to label it as Americana for lack of a better term but most it has a bit of an old time country sound with a touch of bluegrass influence. The songs are filled with great hooks and the guitar and fiddle solos and melodies turned out fantastic. It’s in the final stage of production and should be released before the end of the summer. We are going to do something a little different in that we will release it in the form of a book. We plan on creating a book with stories, art, pictures and lyrics with the CD packaged inside. We have the direction we want to go, but we’re still working out the details.

VD: Tell me the best thing about being in a band, and the worst?

CH: The best thing is having a crowd of people in front of you totally engaged and into what you’re playing. The worst part about any band is tearing down and loading up the trailer. Grrrrr.

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