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Wren Wertin
Vail, CO, Colorado
AE Dancers Life 1 DT 8-6-07

Last week, as Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers were in the middle of their Vail residency, another dance troupe was filtering into town. Hailing from New York City, San Francisco, Hamburg and Florence, Christopher Wheeldon’s hand-picked crew (including some of the Pacific Northwest dancers) began working on stages and in rehearsal studios throughout the valley. The new company makes its grand debut Friday as part of the Vail International Dance Festival. They will be dancing pieces Wheeldon choreographed for other companies over the years, and new work he’s created in Vail.

Wheeldon’s approach is a nurturing one. He prefers to collaborate with his dancers rather than dictate. Though the majority of the program will be Wheeldon’s work, he commissioned Edward Liang to choreograph a piece, too. Eventually, Wheeldon intends to commission many young choreographers, in addition to integrating dance with fine art and pop culture.

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