Worker in Vail cited for dumping into a storm drain

A construction worker has been cited for illegally dumping a mixture of water and auto coolant into a storm drain on Vail's Forest Road.
Town of Vail/courtesy photo

A concerned Vail resident on June 16 reported that an individual was pouring fluid, later identified to be watered-down engine coolant, from a container into a storm drain on Forest Road in Vail Village. That storm drain leads into Gore Creek.

A Vail Police Department officer responded and discovered that the suspect was working at a nearby construction site managed by Hollywood Services, LLC and admitted to dumping the contaminant into the drain.

Based on the observations from the witness and the admission of the offender, the worker was issued a citation for violating Vail Town Code Ordinance 5-1-4 (depositing waste material).

Depositing waste is a municipal misdemeanor defined as “The throwing, depositing, scattering by any person or the permitting by any person of the throwing or scattering of any waste or other material of any kind upon any sidewalk, street, alley, public passageway, public park, open area or upon any private property within the town shall be deemed a public nuisance.”

The town hired a contractor to vacuum the fluid out of the storm drain to prevent the weekend rain from washing it into Gore Creek and will be seeking restitution from the employer.

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The Vail Environmental Sustainability Department oversees the stewardship of the town’s mountain ecosystem and wildlife. Its employees are involved in the investigation and advising the police department to determine the environmental impact of the events that occurred.

For more information on town of Vail Environmental Sustainability, go to For more information on the town of Vail’s Gold Medal Waters, visit

To report illegal dumping into storm drains, improper use of chemicals near waterways or other violations that could impact water quality, call the Gore Creek spill hotline 970-476-4673 during business hours. Those who observe illegal activity can call 911 any time.

To report to Vail Police Department non-urgent criminal activity online, visit or call the dispatch center’s non-emergency number, 970-479-2201. You will be transferred to an officer.

For more information on the town’s strategies to protect Gore Creek, contact Peter Wadden, watershed education coordinator at 970-479-2144 or

For more information on code enforcement violations, contact lead code enforcement officer Miguel Jauregui, 970-479-2236 or by

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