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Workers by day, rockers by night

Tamara Miller
Special to The Vail TrailTequila Mockingbird

The rock and roll life hasn’t escaped Tequila Mockingbird, whose members have seen the band’s line-up change enough to prompt Dan Paschke to make a reference to VH1’s popular show, “Behind the Music.”

“Whenever we would come to a point where we would get a solid fan base, somebody would end up having a freak-out and quitting,” said the Denver-based band’s lead guitarist. “Had there been no other influences like craziness or alcohol, we would probably have reached the top and stayed there longer.”

Alas, the 10-year-old band, formed by Paschke and singer/songwriter Wendy Clark, have now enjoyed six years of a steady band line-up. Suffice it to say, the band is gelling better than ever and has enjoyed regular gigs at Denver-area clubs like Herman’s Hideaway and The Toad Tavern. Now the band is looking forward to expanding beyond Denver’s somewhat -nconsistent music scene by making their mark on the Live! in Minturn music series at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 at Chili Willy’s.

The band’s song list will certainly include tracks off their 2004 release, Alien-American, which is their most recent. Guitarist Mark Mauldin calls bands like The Refreshments, the Gin Blossoms and Material Issue as influences.

Tequila Mockingbird are solidly rock, ranging from more bluesy pieces like “I’m Drunk” to the clever lyrics and staccato beat in “Again.” But with Clark’s voice leading the music, however, the band warrants comparisons to other female-led bands, like The Pretenders.

There’s no grand plan in making Clark the lead singer, Paschke insisted. The band formed out of friends and friends of friends. Mauldin joined the group seven years ago after meeting Clark through his sister-in-law. Clark and Paschke met in Florida, became friends and decided to form the band. Clark writes 90 percent of the songs. Paschke and Mauldin balance day jobs, as an appraiser and a furniture store manager, respectively, around their band practices and gigs.

“We are all one big happy family,” Mauldin said.

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