Workers move in when lifts stop |

Workers move in when lifts stop

Preston Utley/Vail DailyWith the mountain closed construction continues in several part around the village and surrounding streets

VAIL ” Construction isn’t that bad right around her Vail Village store, said Roxy manager Tanya Thorne.

“Definitely coming into the village there’s a lot, but once you’re walking around the village, it’s easy to avoid,” she said.

It’s not as bad as last year, when Roxy had to close because a street-heating system was being installed in front of the store, Thorne said. She said she’s not sure if the construction turns away a lot of customers.

“But everyone mentions it when they come in,” she said.

Still, she understand the construction is improving Vail, she said.

“It’s a price to pay, but we know the end result is going to be worth it,” she said.

This is construction season in Vail. The day after lifts stopped running on April 22, workers swarmed into town, ripping up roads and walkways.

It’s a hectic time for the 25-30 workers that the town of Vail employs to rebuild its streets, said Scott Bluhm, streetscape coordinator for the town of Vail.

“Our spring construction season runs from the day after the mountain closes until June 22, and then we shut down,” Bluhm said. “We shut down for the summer season, for the tourist time.”

Work then starts up again in the fall and continues until just before the ski season starts in November.

Construction this spring includes:

– The town of Vail is installing snowmelt equipment on East Meadow Drive between the Covered Bridge and Village Center Chute.

– Early next week, work will start on snowmelt installation on the International Bridge near the One Willow Bridge Road project.

– On the south frontage road, Vail Plaza Hotel and Club workers are building a median for the road. It’s supposed to be done by May 22.

– In Lionshead, workers are tearing up the temporary asphalt and will start putting in a snowmelt system.

Work continues on big projects such as the Vail Front Door project, the One Willow Bridge Road project, the Vail Plaza Hotel and Club, the Four Seasons and the Arrabelle at Vail Square.

And demolition of the Crossroads building in Vail Village will start Monday morning to make way for the Solaris project, a once-controversial proposal that was approved by voters in July 2006.

“It’s a very joyous day for me,” said Craig Cohn, director of sales and leasing for Solaris.

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