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Working hard

Janine Glennon

The Avon Business Association would like to thank all of our members who attended our meeting at Bob’s Place on Thursday, June 10. The meeting was a success, with a great deal of input/ideas from members.

We would like to thank Bob for the appetizers and space provided, and Alpine Bank for our beverages.

We look forward to working with those who have volunteered time at the upcoming Avon events, such as the Salute to America, the Thunderbird Art and Wine Festival and Movies in the Park.

Fraidy Aber has worked diligently in bringing fun events to the town of Avon. We commend her for her ideas and efforts.

It takes a great deal of involvement from the community to make these events successful!

Janine Glennon


Trojan Horse

No one has ever accused President Bush of being a socialist or Communist; rather, groups such as the ACLU and Democrats are most often associated with socialist ideology. Therefore, those who absurdly accuse President Bush of Nazism display a very dangerous ignorance.

Hitler’s party was that of the National Socialists and Stalin formed the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics; both regimes slaughtered millions with ruthless, cold-blooded precision. Further, the American Heritage Dictionary defines Mein Kampf as “a book (1924-26) by Adolph Hitler, setting forth the doctrines and programs of National Socialism.”

I fear that the socialist Democrats’ handbook of politics, Mein Kampf, which deals with propaganda and emotional hysterias, will have the masses hating Bush while learning little about the socialist Trojan Horse candidate known as Sen. John F. Kerry.

Mike Spaniola


No class

Once again Magnus Lindholm and his Traer Creek LLC have shown how truly exploitive, classless and inconsiderate they are to the environment and aesthetics of the valley. I refer to the appalling monstrosity of a flagpole that is going up.

While displaying a flag is fine, this is exploitation of the flag. Magnus, in his never-ending thirst for money, fame and ego enhancement, has grossly and shamelessly exploited a loophole in the law and that is it is nearly impossible to regulate the size of a flag placed on commercial property.

He has used it to create a legal 150-foot billboard for his development. As if freeway exits named after attorneys and box stores were not offensive enough, now we have this addition to our alpine landscape.

I hope the Avon Town Council and the Eagle-Vail homeowners will discuss resolutions supporting tasteful display of the flag, but condemning this particular exploitation of the flag, and that concerned citizens contact these organizations to voice their support for such a resolution.

Also, anyone feeling the flagpole should be redone should contact Mr. Lindholm at his office at 949-6776.

What’s next? A used car lot over there? If it would make a buck I’m sure Magnus Lindholm would consider it.

Chris Neuswanger


I am a regular visitor to the Avon area and could not believe the developer of the Wal-Mart plaza was allowed to and then did place such a large flagpole on the property.

I enjoy the Eagle County area because it’s not Denver or your typical interstate town off of I-70. The sign ordinances and other restrictions on development are worthless unless they are comprehensive and all developers show good faith in following them. The plaza was required to have an architectural style that balanced with the mountain environment.

I am a real estate developer and build throughout the United States, and if I took advantage of every loophole in a local code to further my development projects at the expense of the community, I would serve my own needs but not the needs of the community.

I hope the flagpole is removed and the developer shows a greater responsibility and sensitivity to the skyline and environment. It does not have to be the local governments which need stronger regulation. It has to be developers putting community before profit.

Steve Lowry

Poking holes

… I really got a chuckle out of Steve Henderson’s letter, “Ain’t buying it.” Some people really do in-depth research before sitting down to put pen to paper.

After several exhausting moments of study, Steve has concluded that there probably is an infinite amount of oil to be found. All we need to do is keep poking holes in the ground, and bingo, there will be more.

During his research, he has also discovered elk herds in Alaska (who knew?). And that if these elk are too retarded to swim around oil platforms like the fish in the gulf, too bad. …

Steve Dziekan

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