Workout facility planned for Eagle Ranch |

Workout facility planned for Eagle Ranch

David L'Heureux

EAGLE – There’s good news for those wanting to work out in and around Eagle Ranch. Construction is set to begin this fall on a building that will house a physical fitness center on the corner of Sylvan Lake Road and Gambel Street, says Eagle Ranch’s Gary Martinez.The project came about after responses from a recent survey of Eagle Ranch homeowners. In that survey, Martinez says, among the many things homeowners requested was a recreation center.Initially, a grocery store – similar to the Village Market in Edwards – was expected to occupy the building that will now be used for a 4,500-square-foot fitness center.”The building we are talking about (for the fitness center) had a tentative lease,” says Martinez. “But the deal wasn’t ready to happen. This is the same site, same building. But the exterior has had some revisions to it.”Martinez says the facility is expected to be public when it opens. But, he added, Eagle Ranch would reserve the right to change to a private facility.The facility will have all the amenities of any state-of-the-art fitness room, says Martinez. There will be aerobics training machines, a weight room, cardio machines, and other amenities, he says.The center is a project of the Eagle Ranch Homeowner’s Association, says Martinez. The facility will be funded half by the association, and half by West Eagle Ranch, L.L.C, the developer of many of Eagle Ranch’s commercial and residential sites. The estimated costs for construction and equipment is $450,000.The project has just begun, says Martinez, and there is currently no timetable for completion. He estimates the total time for construction to be nine or 10 months. If all goes according to preliminary plans, there could be a fitness center in Eagle Ranch as early as next summer, he says.This story first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise.Vail, Colorado

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